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We aspire to have a lasting and compounding positive effect on our community by playing a guiding role in the lives of our clients. We help a select group of clients and their families pursue their passions and live a life of meaningful purpose.

We consult and advise our clients through life’s many transitions and challenges including planning for retirement, funding for education and transferring assets to loved ones. As a client of FPA Wealth Management, you benefit not only from our broad range of services and strategies but also from our commitment to family-centric values and honest communication.

Whether your financial journey is just beginning or you are pursuing your next financial milestone, we work with you to develop and implement strategies tailored to your individual needs while providing ongoing guidance and monitoring as you strive for financial independence.


Why you should work with FPA Wealth Management:

  • We believe the foundation of the relationship we have with each client is based upon guidance and service, not product sales or transactions. We provide Advice for Life.
  • We believe that our Independence is the most important factor in allowing us to be objective in our guidance. We do not work for a parent company, so we can truly work for you and your family.
  • We purposely structured our fees for our guidance and advice to allow us to “sit on the same side of the table” as our client. Our goal is to have your best interests at heart. 
  • We understand that your trust is born from advice based on real world experience and education. The three financial advisors of FPA Wealth Management have a combined average 30 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. The professional designations that the advisors hold are respected within the industry. Shane and Chuk hold the CFP and Tom holds the ChFC.
  • We take a team approach to wealth management. We believe that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts and when people work together for a common good, the possibilities are endless. 
  • We utilize your Wealth Plan as our road map, not a sales tool. All of our guidance and advice revolves around, and ties back to your objectives, goals and personal plan.
  •  We leverage technology to allow us to organize and simplify your financial life. We provide our clients with their very own personal financial website, called WealthVision,  which allows each client to know where they are today and where they are in relation to their goals and dreams.
  • The principals of FPA Wealth Management are affiliated with the nation’s leading independent Broker/Dealer* (the corresponding disclosure is shown below), LPL Financial. They provide us with research, superior technology, and objective oversight of our compliance to all industry regulations.
  • We do not want to be all things to all people. We strive to develop holistic, lifelong relationships with a select number of clients
  • We continually strive to provide a “Ritz Carlton” experience with “Fed Ex” efficiency.

                *As reported by Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2018, based on total revenue